Residents can tweet county road issues

Stearns County’s Highway Department is turning to Twitter in an effort to get more feedback from residents about road issues.  Whether it is a pothole, traffic light that’s not working properly, downed traffic sign, tree on the road, or culvert issues, any problem on a Stearns County road can be reported to the Highway Department on Twitter by using the hashtag #stearnshighway.

“Knowing a majority of our population uses social media channels, we thought this might be an easier and more conducive way for some of our residents to get information to us,” said Jodi Teich, Stearns County Highway Engineer.

The city of St. Cloud recently started using Twitter to have citizens report bad potholes. Stearns County believes Twitter could also be useful in receiving county road information from the public.

When reporting a problem, residents should give an exact address or a very descriptive location to guide maintenance crews to the right spot.

“Stearns County is responsible for nearly 970 miles of roadway, so we may not know where all the problem areas are,” said Teich.  “That’s why we appreciate it when residents who are driving our roads every day take the time to report those issues to us.”

Potholes and other road maintenance concerns can also be called in to the Highway Department at 320-255-6180.

Stearns County has been using social media channels, including Twitter, for approximately 3 years.