May 14 program designed for those who care too much

Have you ever felt like you had nothing left to give? That emotionally you were as dry as a desert? Caring for others without recharging may cause what is known as “compassion fatigue.” Morale drops, health declines and personal and work relationships suffer.

St. Cloud Hospital Spiritual Care, as part of National Health Care Week, is sponsoring internationally respected physician Terry Eagan, MD, to provide insight from 7-8 p.m. Tuesday, May 14, on ways to identify the signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue and how to deal with these issues.

Dr. Eagan is a prominent psychiatrist with a range of specialties including eating disorders, addictive disorders, primary psychiatric conditions, human sexuality and spiritual therapy. He has had the opportunity to work with a number of patients from the entertainment industry, including film, television and music, as well as politics and business.

The event is free and will take place at St. Cloud Hospital in Hoppe Auditorium.