Every district needs a meeting

To the editor: 

On April 29, 5th District Todd County Commissioner Randy Neumann met with constituents for public discussion. The meeting was well attended; an agenda was prepared for each person.

This type of meeting should be held by all commissioners in their respective districts. These meetings are beneficial to the public and should be for their commissioner as well. Transparency is very important and getting input from the public helps in this area, plus it gives people who can’t attend commissioner meetings a chance to be heard.

Many topics were covered. One hot topic was to hire an administrator, or not; hire a coordinator, or not? Everyone gave input, agreeing “no” to both; agreeing the county commissioners need to step up to the plate, doing the job they were elected to do without an administrator or coordinator.

Most all felt we are paying supervisors,  and employees should use those people if they need someone to talk to. If the supervisors do not feel they can handle this job, give up their salary increase. This could be used to pay a commissioner, preferably the presiding chairman, extra to go in once or twice a week to handle these situations.

On levy versus bonding, the consensus was raise the levy. Everyone felt we have been robbing Peter to pay Paul too long. There seems no way around not raising the levy. A deficit spending budget hasn’t worked.

Union contracts, employee comp study, budget, construction on the Annex Building, reasons why Commissioner Neumann voted no, when he did, were talked about.

The input from those present, including some township board members, was to stop layering government. Let the public know they can attend work sessions and have input with a smile.

Contact your commissioner and ask for a district meeting. You deserve to be heard.

Kathern Edenloff, Osakis