Here’s a salute to spring, legislature

To the editor: 

I’m sure glad putting my tiller on and declaring winter over worked out. My neighbors would be, too, if they knew what my back-up plan was.

I thought for a while, I would have to resort to lying out on a chaise lounge wearing skimpy swim wear. Guaranteed, no snowflake would land within 40 miles of a sight like that.

Wasn’t that first day of beautiful spring weather great? Seems everyone and their dogs were out walking, smiling and waving at each other. I, not being that ambitious, sat in the yard, smiling and waving back.

Some, by the time they walked by my place, looked tired. One of them was so exhausted, all he could muster for a smile was the raising of half of one lip. He also only managed to raise one finger. Luckily, it was the tall one, so I was still able to see it and wave back. It’s just so inspiring to see so many wonderful, cheerful and friendly people. Fortunately, our community has a huge number of them.

Just heard on the news that our state lawmakers are proposing to increase their pay by 35 percent. They also want to increase taxes on pretty much everyone, not just the evil, disgusting top 2 percent of earners they love to hate at election time.

Of course, they’ll also throw an extra $55 million into the bottomless education pit as a payoff to the union bosses that get them elected. This makes me so sick and tired, all I can muster for the governor and legislature is a half-lip smile and one finger salute. It’s a long ways from here to St. Paul, so I doubt they will even see my friendly but exhausted greeting.

Cuts? What cuts? We don’t need no stinking cuts.

 Tony Towle, Long Prairie