Breakfast with Marilyn Salzl Brinkman set for June 12

The Stearns Museum and Research Center is hosting a breakfast with Marilyn Salzl Brinkman on Wednesday, June 12, at 9 a.m.

Marilyn has shared many of her stories in books and articles.  Growing up in central Minnesota on a farm with 14 brothers and sisters and her lifetime in and around Stearns County have afforded Marilyn many experiences to write about.  Her keen eye and warm wit have turned those experiences into great stories.

Her latest book, “Aprons, Flower Sacks & Other Folk Histories,” offers a collection of articles, most of which appeared initially in the St. Cloud Times.  Gathered together in the book, the articles add up to a significant contribution to the folk history of central Minnesota.

The Stearns County Museum and Research Center breakfast club is free to members and there is a $5 charge for non-members.

The Stearns County Museum is located at 235 33rd Avenue South in St. Cloud.