Great Memorial Day celebration

To the editor: 

Memorial Day in small town America — could there be anyplace on earth more wonderful to be? You may not know everyone there but you’ve at least seen most of them around and feel as though you know them.

No disrespecting of the flag or servicemen and women would be considered or tolerated here. Most, proudly, not only stand but  salute the flag as it passes. I can’t help but feel that, not only I, but everyone there has a hard time swallowing the lump in their throats at the sound of “Taps.” We also, without protest, at least for now, bowed our heads in prayer and asked God’s blessings on our country. We weren’t ashamed or embarrassed to do it either. If anyone reading this is offended, suck it up and go have your own whiney little ceremony, I don’t care!

The Country Cruisers car club was in the parade. My lovely wife couldn’t go with me so somehow or other I was expected to keep myself out of trouble. Seemed like all the guys had gorgeous gals with them.

Most annoying of course was that show off president of ours, Ray Hendershot. He not only had a beautiful Olds Starfire convert, he also had that drop dead gorgeous blonde, Ann Dalton and her granddaughter riding with him.

Not to be outdone, I managed to fake enough good looks and charm to pick up three of the most beautiful chicks in town. All before parade time, too. So if you happened to see a Mercury convert with three gorgeous women and one widely grinning guy, that would have been me.

There’s only one way it could have been better. I wish that beautiful lady and friend, Fleury Karolus, could have not been in the hospital, but instead riding with me.

Tony Towle, Long Prairie