Upsala City Council Briefs

Other business to come before the Upsala City Council Monday included:

• Approving a gambling permit for the Fire Department’s annual Heritage Days raffle to be held Aug. 10. “Net raffle proceeds are usually roughly $10,000,” said Council Member Brian Lange;

• Learning that this year’s Heritage Days theme will be “1883 — Start of Upsala;”

• Tabling a decison on extending water and sewer service for southwest area improvements until July 1, pending further information;

• Approving street repairs on the uptown alley and on West Street, accepting a bid by Central Minnesota Paving for $2,300;

• Learning through the Legislative update that the city will be tax-exempt; and

• Approving the payment of bills in the amount of $11,298.57.

The next Upsala City Council meeting will be Monday, July 1 at 7 p.m. at City Hall.