Upsala, Elmdale Township agree on road care billing

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After keeping careful track of road-care expenses for two years, the city of Upsala and Elmdale Township have agreed to bill each other for services rendered.

While every detail of a road-care agreement has yet to be ironed out, both entities agreed at the Upsala City Council meeting Monday, to submit a bill to the other.

“The township will present the city with a bill and the city will present the township with a bill,” said Elmdale Town Supervisor Ron Schmidt.

Township road maintenance worker Duane Harren’s time card was tallied to figure hours worked gutting ditches, grading roads and plowing snow.

The township also houses the city’s snow plow.

The city does some plowing and sanding for the township.

Township supervisors Ken Abrahamson, Jery Theisen and Ron Schmidt, along with Walt Beneke, attended the Council meeting.

It was also discussed whether someone from the township could operate the city snow plow in a time of urgent need, if someone from the city were not available.

“That is a liability and legal issue,” said Mayor Rollie Johnson. “But in case something were to happen, a city operator needs to be operating a city vehicle.”

City Clerk-Treasurer Adrian Welle suggested that a part-time on-call employee be designated.

“I would prefer if there was someone as a backup for me,” said Upsala Maintenance Supervisor Frank Koopmeiners. “In 27 years, there was only one other time before this winter when I couldn’t plow.”

“We need to further investigate who we can legally have operate our city snow plow.  Due to liability issues, the operator needs to be a city employee,” said Welle. “I am going to look into what the city can do to allow for this process to run smoothly.”

Elmdale Township’s next meeting will be Wednesday at 7 p.m.