Minnesota still preferred

To the editor: 

Remember back when we had Gov. Ventura and the three-way split of the funds that the DFL and Gov. Ventura had been able to save.  The GOP refused to settle the budget; they gave some money to taxpayers, the governor gave some to car owners, and the DFL dedicated its one third to education.

Then we ended up with Pawlenty and nothing but deficient spending until now. The Pawlenty/GOP spending took school money, “up went my farm taxes,” cutting transportation funds. Remember how the lieutenant governor laid off highway people and inspectors, and killed 13 innocent people because of not repairing the bridge. Pawlenty found enough money to replace the St. Cloud bridge in one big hurry.

North Dakota has crude oil and some farming problems. Minnesota has better farmland, hunting and fishing. Dakota people are buying up summer lake homes. I’ll take Minnesota and pay extra taxes.

We do have the Iron Range and new mining prospects if allowed. Not mentioned in the June 10 opinion piece was the $400 million for property tax relief, $125 million by exempting local government from the state sales tax, $81 million saved by businesses in sales tax that buy equipment. Like it or not, more Minnesota citizens will be getting more health care options.

Even some GOP/T-Party legislators supported investing in the Mayo Clinic. Those that pay unemployment insurance got a $347 million reduction in their rate. How about closing about $2 billion in corporate tax loopholes before giving corporate tax relief?

It is good to point out the blemishes of Minnesota, but of all the states, I still prefer Minnesota, even over North Dakota.

Roger Rimpy, Annandale