No relation between Link to Life and Med Alert

Link to Life, a personal response system of St. Cloud Hospital, is notifying clients that there is no relation between them and Med Alert.

St. Cloud Hospital Link to Life personal response system signals for help at a touch of a button, provides a daily check-in and includes a reminder system. Link to Life also offers two additional services: a medication dispenser and fall detector.

In a July 15 news release, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Minnesota and North Dakota warned the public of robocalls — automated telephone calls — telling seniors they’re eligible for a free medical alert system or that a medical alert device had been purchased for them.

The BBB believes this is simply a tactic to collect credit card information and get people to agree to monthly monitoring services — which are not free. In many cases, senior citizens never received the device, but were still charged a monthly service fee, usually around $35. Others, when they tried to return the devices and get a refund, were unsuccessful.

The BBB offered some red flags to watch for, including:

• Unknown callers asking for your personal information.

• Business names that sound like a company you’ve heard of, but with slight variations. This is often a sign a caller is attempting to mislead you.

• Offers claiming to be “free” but that have handling charges and other fees.

• Get all offers in writing and only deal with companies willing to provide contact information.

Consumers who receive calls of this nature should report them at or by calling (888) 382-1222. For more information about Link to Life, call (320) 255-5700.