Upsala improving sewer accessibility options


Upsala needs more manholes, especially in the southeast corner of town, Upsala Maintenance Supervisor Frank Koopmeiners told the City Council, Monday.

The sewer lines in that area include a number of elbows (45-degree turns). Koopmeiners said that a manhole should be located over every turn. There doesn’t appear to be any there.

While recently jetting out the lines with high-pressure water, Koopmeiners blasted loose several blockages. He brought an example of the kind of material that has been blocking the sewer lines to show the Council.

“It’s important to only flush body waste and toilet paper down the toilet,” he said.

Minnesota Rural Water will be bringing a camera to Upsala to view the sewer lines and confirm the presence or absence of manholes.

“When I started 27 years ago, 50 percent of the manholes in town were buried,” Koopmeiners said. “It might be possible that there is a manhole in that area that is buried.”

To install a new manhole, an 8-inch thick piece of concrete will be slid under the sewer line at the corner. The manhole form will be put over the sewer line to join with the other piece, and concrete will be poured into the form and around the pipes, making a trough inside. Then the top half of the pipe will be cut out, making an access point in the line.

That method avoids having to take apart any existing line.

The form is $950. Also needed are the metal casting and manhole cover plus installation. The total for the new manhole work will be about $3,000.

The Council approved the purchase and installation of one manhole, if needed.