Need to stand up to Muslims

To the editor: 

I wonder how many people in this country realize how much the freedoms of our great country are being assaulted.

The other week a Tea Party Patriot spoke at Little Fall’s Community High School. Leaders of the Council of American-Islamic Relations-Minnesota (CAIRMN) asked the school district to not allow her to speak there.

This was not a school event. It was to be in the school building rented for that purpose.

The school was not promoting this event, but that does not make any difference to CAIRMN, which is a Muslim outfit, out of the Twin Cities.

They are trying to control what we can think or say and conservatives are expected to bow down to them. I say that will happen when hell freezes over.

I say political correctness has gone too far in this country.

You go to a Muslim country and try to tell them what they can or can’t say or do, you could end up without your brain box.

I am tired of these people coming here, we support them and they are making rules for us.

I think we need to say enough is enough and put our foot down darn hard.

Elmer Maciejewski, Avon