Thoughts as he waits for the IRS

To the editor: 

I recently heard a new statistic from an anti-gun group. They claimed we really need stringent background checks and gun registration because a recent study indicated 20 percent of Americans have mental issues.  Possibly it’s just a coincidence, but isn’t that the same percentage of Americans that other studies claim are liberals and progressives?

Sadly, it seems they have gained complete control of the Democratic Party and part of the Republican Party, not to mention most of our colleges and universities.

I recall that as a child in the 50’s, communism was viewed as a very real threat to our government and way of life. Our representatives created the House Committee on Un-American Activities. This was supposed to thwart the subversive activities of communists in our government and society.

At some point, the communists must have started calling themselves progressives and liberals.

The adults of my youth would be very disgusted with us for allowing this to happen.

I’m sure this is not history as taught in our public schools. It is, however, history as I recall it.

At the next election we should spank the hell out of everyone who gave us Obamacare. How could anyone, vote for a bill that only a few members of one party were allowed to debate, no one took the time to read, no amendments or public input was allowed, plus the majority of people loudly opposed? It is really a mess.

What do the president and Congress do? Exempt themselves from it, of course. Even if this were a great law, it was a totally un-American way to pass it.

This, of course, means nothing to a government that spies on its own people.

Thanks for allowing me to vent. I think I’ll take a nap and await the IRS auditors.

Tony Towle, Long Prairie