Another shutdown

WestWordsWEBIf you don’t know whom to blame for the federal government shutdown, try looking in a mirror.

I know. It’s easy to blame the Republicans or the Democrats, depending upon your preference, to see the good intentions in one, but not the other. It’s easy to see your side shouldn’t compromise.

But the fact is, you may not have elected all of the Congress, but somebody did, and that “somebody” is the American people. Are you an American, or some alien from outer space with no stake in the game?

If you have a stake in the game — meaning that you agreed to live under the laws of this nation — then you understand that no matter what the stakes, our system of government breaks down if there is no compromise.

I suppose we don’t have to have a government. But for the most part, most Americans have found that electing people to do our bidding has worked pretty well — at least compared to all the other systems such as letting a local warlord take over, or giving the job to the first born of the previous gang leader.

Instead of telling Congress members to hang tough, you ought to tell them you’ll still love them if they compromise. You will, won’t you? Aw, c’mon.