Bachmann thorn in liberals’ side

To the editor: 

If you have been reading the St. Cloud Times and watching TV, you will have noticed how the blood thirsty liberals are coming after Michele Bachmann.

The reason for that is because she is not running for another term, and they are worried what she might do next because she is a thorn in their side.

She fights against Obamacare. She claim’s that there are radical Muslims in this country and, personally, I think Obama is one of them. Otherwise, why would he be in the process of trying to ruin this country?

He also said the U.S. is not a Christian nation.

Michele stand’s for everything that is moral and honest. She is not afraid to stand up to the liberals, Obama included.

The Times paper has been after her for years, claiming she does not spend her time with her constituents.

She is not only concerned about her people, but she sees what is
happening to this great nation and is speaking out

Obama and his ilk are out to bury Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and Michele because they keep exposing them. We should be thankful that they are out fighting for the survival of this very special country.

I have a feeling most people don’t have any idea what this Obamacare will do. I keep hearing scary stuff almost every day.

The IRS will be in charge of fining you if you don’t comply.

The liberals claim it is the law of the land and cannot be changed.

It is funny that the law of the land was the status of the marriage act, but the liberals changed that.

It seems the liberals have all the rights and if you are a conservative you have none. We better be asking God for help.

Elmer Maciejewski, Avon