The cremated will fry in hell

To the editor: 

Cremation. Yes or no?

“No” is the correct answer, always. Let me explain this answer to you. Cremation, or the pagan practice of burning dead bodies to a small amount of ash that fits in an urn, was always a condemned practice by Holy Mother Church, before Vatican II leaders approved of it. Those who requested cremation were automatically excommunicated and were not to be buried in a Catholic cemetery. If someone else is the culprit responsible for having you cremated, then that’s a different situation.

So next I’ll ask a question: Do you think that you won’t have to go to the fires of hell if you are burned up on earth? Think again.

We need to believe in the resurrection of the dead bodies at the end of the world, that will happen by the almighty power of God. At that time, all the dead bodies will rise out of their graves with their bodies like before they died, even those who were cremated by the repulsive pagan practice they thought was acceptable in God’s eyes, but is not.

It’s not necessary to relate here by who and how this cremation practice got started. Suffice to know that the little bit of money they tell you will be saved on funeral costs now, will have to be paid back for your soul, which could not be cremated here. Read the Bible, Genesis 3:19 on dust, not ashes.

Charles M. Kuker, Long Prairie