His back thanks awesome students

To the editor:

It’s now time for folks to have their gardens cleaned off so they can be tilled. If for some reason you can’t get them cleaned, give that big Swede down at the EDA/Chamber office a call. That would be Lyle Danielson, of course.

Did you notice we have gotten some clearing done around the shelter? I love the people in our community.

Friday morning, as I was picking rocks at the garden, a group of school children were picking litter from the streets. As soon as they approached me, a couple of them, followed by the entire class, came off the street and picked rocks. What would have taken me several hours and  much back pain was accomplished in a very short time.

Some of them even asked if they could come back and help after school. What an awesome group of children. Not only are their parents blessed to have them, but we as a community are also. I can’t thank them enough; neither can my back.

This is the time of year that our daughter, Sheila, who loves to bake, starts to notice how incredibly skinny I’ve become. She lives in fear I’ll soon have to stand twice just to make a shadow. To prevent this, we practice preventative medicine. She brings over a plate of goodies; I empty it, wash the plate and send it back.

While I was gone the other night, Sheila did her part by bringing my plate back, full, of course. I returned home and proceeded to take my medicine.

Imagine my surprise when my wife called out that Sheila said she had sent two pieces for each of us. Good thing she called out when she did; I had unknowingly already eaten one of her pieces and begun to ogle her second.

Tony Towle
Long Prairie