Carson, stronger Tea Party needed

To the editor:

The direction this administration takes our great country scares me.

Now with that fight in  Washington the past couple of weeks. Congress wanted an extension on implementing Obamacare, also on raising the national debt.

A good percentage of voters want to hold down tax increases, but when the Republicans try to do that, the media and liberals take them apart.

They say it is the fault of the radical Tea Party. Even some of the old good Republicans are blaming the Tea Party for not bowing to the dictator Obama.

They say we should compromise. To compromise with liberals means bowing to them. It is their way or nothing. Those old Republicans would not be where they are if not for the Tea Party.

I don’t know why John McCain doesn’t join the liberals. He would fit better over there.

Our only hope now is not the old Republican Party but a stronger Tea Party.

I have discovered someone who impressed the heck out of me. His name is Dr. Ben Carson. He is a black conservative. He stated that Obamacare is like slavery when you are forced to buy insurance or pay a fine. A black columnist is coming down on him already.

Liberals hate black conservatives, but I firmly believe Ben can hold his own. I heard him speak. He is more like Ronald Reagan. He reminds me of his beliefs and morals. If he decides to run, I will campaign for him. I think he is a special person.

Something has to happen to stop the downfall of our great country. Please learn what you can about Ben Carson and the Tea Party. Obama wants to wipe out Republicans and the Tea Party because they are a threat to his dictatorship and the liberals.

Elmer Macijewski, Avon