Glad Bertram is running

To the editor: 

Thanks Jeff Bertram for filing as a candidate for the 5th District Stearns County Commissioner office vacated by the passing of Don Otte.

My first contact with Jeff was in the spring of 2000 when it was suggested that if we were serious about the Lake Koronis Trail, that we should ask Jeff Bertram to head up the effort.

During the next 12 years, he spearheaded an effort of building 17 miles of the bike and walking trail around Lake Koronis and connecting it to the Glacial Ridge Trail.

It was during these 12 years I witnessed the dedication, commitment, organizational skills and abilities to write grants, raise funds and obtain easements, obtain permissions for wetlands and migration to crossing the highway 23 overpass and the raising of approximately $2.5 million to achieve trail completion by 2012.

Paynesville Township and the city of Paynesville have shared an excellent working relationship and I believe that relationship has been nurtured by the efforts of Jeff Bertram while serving on the League of Minnesota Cities intergovernmental committees and the time spent on the Paynesville City Council.  Jeff Bertram always had fairness in mind when dealing with the township.

I believe Jeff Bertram would represent all of his constituents within the 5th District with endless commitment, dedication and fairness.

Please get out and vote on Tuesday, Nov. 19.

Don Pietsch, Paynesville