Klein: Independent insurance agents can help people enroll in MNsure

If you have attempted to sign up for MNsure in the past few weeks, you have most likely run into problems. No one knows this better than Chris Klein, a certified insurance agent from Eagle Bend. Partnering with MNsure to help people through the signup process, he said, “We were unable to enroll people for the first two weeks of MNsure’s opening. Since Tuesday, Oct. 16, we have been able to complete enrollments.

“We have encountered a few glitches since that time, but now the enrollments are going smoother,”  said Klein in an e- mail interview.

Chris Klein is hopeful about the sign up process becoming smoother with time. “I think eventually things will go more smoothly. Although, now the quality of the user experience can vary widely from day-to-day, I think that as time goes by, it will get better and better. I suspect that a year from now we won’t see anything like we have seen this fall. However, I still believe that even though the website will be much easier to use at some point in the future, it will still be a great advantage to consumers to have an agent to assist them in selecting options that are right for them,” said Klein.

Klein has undergone training that is specific to MNsure, as well as keeping up with education required to remain a certified insurance broker.  He spoke on how he has dealt with the complexities and problems that most will encounter during the signup process, saying, “We approach the enrollment process very pragmatically and logically. Over our years we have had many experiences in navigating enrollment procedures that were not well defined and needed further clarity. Through that experience we have learned to systematically dissect problems and find the root causes. We also have been very proactive in educating ourselves about the process and keeping abreast of any new developments communicated through public and private channels.”

MNsure has been working with independent agents to help people with the signup process.  Klien outlined how these partners can help people through the signup process, “We will do the work for you. Don’t want to navigate a complicated website? We’ll do it for you for free. You pay the same price for the insurance whether you go on the website and do the work yourself, or have us do the work for you.”