Ice cream solves all politics

To the editor: 

When I read the opinion page in the Peach, it is usually negative. Condemning gays, Pope Francis, or calling President Obama a dictator or a Muslim. My letter will not be negative. It will be about ice cream.

Yes, that’s right, ice cream. A wonderful, delicious, frozen treat. The only negative thing about ice cream is when it melts, falls or has bubble gum in it.

In 1984, Rep. Eligio de la Garza of Texas wanted the Texas Legislature to pass a resolution making July Ice Cream Month and July 15 Ice Cream Day. His reasons for this were: “If you feel dejected or frustrated, eat ice cream; if the legislative processes frustrate you, eat ice cream; if you are happy and want to celebrate, eat ice cream.”

So, if you believe Obama is a dictator, eat ice cream; if you do not like our current pope, eat ice cream; and if you support Dave Gamradt for county commission and he wins, you can celebrate by eating ice cream.

Charles Funk, Sauk Centre