Check out our Web site anywhere, any time

WestWordsWEBLike almost all other print publications, the Peach has a Web page and has struggled with how to make it work with what we are doing in print.

Truth be known, we ink-stained wretches are going through a difficult transition because our readers are at different stages in adapting to the Internet and using a computer or other digital products. Some readers remain perfectly happy without a computer. Others do most of their reading on an iPad (aka “tablet”) or their cell phone. Those of us who provide information to others need to meet everybody’s needs, and finally the Peach has a Web site that does so.

If you want first crack at the bargains you find here every week, we still post the pages of each issue on the Web site. If you want to learn who died, we post the obituaries as soon as we can. And most importantly, whether you have a laptop computer, a “tablet,” or a cell phone with Internet service, you can access from any of them.

Many print advertisers, including the New York Times, have had difficulty adjusting. They want to lay out a Web page the same way as a newspaper page, with a number of different ads and stories on each page. That doesn’t work very well, however, with the tiny screen on a cell phone.  So we have adapted a new easy to use format, where you simply scroll down through the latest offerings. Check it out — anywhere, any time. Once readers get used to it, I think they will like it.

Tom West is the general manager of the Peach. Reach him at 320-352-6569 or e-mail [email protected]