JFK wouldn’t fit in today

To the editor: 

It’s been 50 years since President Kennedy was murdered. Thinking of it takes my mind back to a much different time and place. In fact, it goes to a much different country.

We were still fighting the Cold War against Russia, China and their communist ideology. We were also losing the race for outer space to the Russians. They had already put a man in orbit. This did not set well with most Americans. We were so proud of America we thought we should be in the lead. It just rubbed us wrong that the godless, ruthless communists could be ahead of us in anything.

For the country and the military, JFK was the right person, in the right place at the right time. He elevated us, motivated us and inspired us. We were proud of him and would follow him anywhere.

As I consider the sorry state of our government today, I can’t help but wonder, what political party would JFK fit into today? I don’t think it would be either party, especially not the Democratic Party. He was not a big government guy. He supported a strong military. He passed lower tax rates. He was a man of faith (Catholic and pro-life). He was also a decorated WWII vet, which in today’s Democratic Department of Homeland Security would put him on a watch list as a right wing extremist. He was anti-communist.

When I think that it was an American serviceman, turned communist defector to Russia that killed him, it makes me sick.

When I look at our White House, and so many members of the House and Senate, it puts me into a state of disbelief. How could our great, free country and people fall so far, so low and so fast in a mere 50 years?

Tony Towle, Long Prairie