We’re more alike than different

To the editor: 

Is our president a dictator who should be impeached?  Let’s think. To impeach a president, we need a vote by Congressmen who are elected democratically. Dictators don’t stand for this.  They steal and hold power by force. They don’t hold free elections. No one can impeach them. They dictate.

Are we so lulled by living in a democratic, peaceful land, that we can’t tell the difference between ourselves and people who live under dictators? Has anyone in your family “disappeared” lately? Have they been raped, tortured, or killed by the police for saying something unkind about the government?

Democracy isn’t easy. We have to put up with ignorant, racist, and self-centered people; and some perfectly decent people who nevertheless disagree with us.  Democracy takes patience and compromise.  In the end, almost nobody gets exactly what they want, but we all get what we want, that is, a democratic, functioning country in which to live.

Many of our current Congressmen seem unable to work together in order to keep our country moving.  It seems we are constipated by a shortage of trust and respect.  People move to the extreme right and left and stand shouting at each other.  Please vote with care.

Lately, I heard that when we the people become more divided into the extremes of rich and poor, we tend to polarize ourselves politically.  Perhaps this happens because everyone is stressed and looking for who to blame.

If you are a struggling Tea Party Republican and I am a struggling bleeding-heart liberal in this country, we are probably more alike than we are different.

We both vote in a land that has a free press.  Our laws are mostly fair and reasonable.  Our government leaders are not dictators, and we live in relative peace.  Everyone should be so lucky.

Debra Bellman, Grey Eagle