What does Obama know?

To the editor: 

Fast and Furious Scandal: Gun dealers were told to sell guns to questionable criminals with the idea of catching drug dealers but without adequate tracking devices. Now we find out these same guns were used on American citizens and killed at least one border patrol.

Obama: I don’t know anything about that.

Benghazi Scandal: Who gave the order to stand your ground when the people inside were  begging for help?

Obama: I don’t know.

IRS Scandal: It has been proven that the tea party and conservatives have been targeted and singled out with audits and etc.

Obama: I don’t know.

NSA Scandal: The NSA has been accused of spying on our own citizens and our allies.

Obama: I don’t know.

These are the only conclusions we the people can come to:

1. The president knows and shields himself by surrounding himself with department heads that take all the heat. In return, he never holds anybody accountable.

2. If he does not know, he has got to be the most uninformed president we have ever had.

3. The president is a chronic liar.

Gerald H. Funk, Long Prairie