Gazelka puts aside partisanship

To the editor: 

Recently I was affected by Blue Cross/Blue Shield’s non-emergency medical ride service. I called Blue Ride to schedule transport to a medical appointment. Their driver was an hour-and-a-half late, and I missed my appointment.

This was because Blue Cross/Blue Shield cancelled its contracts with the transportation company providing rides because they were unequipped to serve rural Minnesotans.

Typically these services were provided for seniors, low-income and disabled people. Often people depend on these rides for chemotherapy, dialysis or treatments for life threatening conditions. Canceling these contracts was not communicated to rural Minnesotans who need rides for medical appointments.

Since this affects rural Minnesotans, I called Sen. Paul Gazelka and received an immediate response from Sen. Gazelka’s assistant, Ken. He assured me they would work with the respective committee chair, though the chair is a Democrat and Sen. Gazelka is a Republican. Regardless, I was assured that Sen.Gazelka believes partisan politics is unproductive; it’s important to develop relationships with everyone, no matter what side of the aisle.

We’ve all been frustrated with disagreements in Washington, D.C. It’s reassuring to have a state senator representing us, who works for us, the people.

How refreshing.

Carolyn Kile, Sebeka