So far, winter has been complainable, not extreme

WestWordsWEBPeople have been complaining about the weather a lot lately, most of them with icicles hanging from their nose.

However, West’s Winter Misery Index (WWMI) says those complaints are out of line. Just because you can’t see the barn from the house or your auto sounds like a hog in distress doesn’t mean this is an extraordinary winter.

The WWMI says that  in the 63 winters since 1950-51, 16 winters to date have been worse.

The WWMI takes the daily highs and daily lows  for each month, November through March, and adds the average of both to the monthly snow fall in inches.

Minnesota weather can change quickly, and the fact is that even in the last half month we’ve had some highs in the 30s above to counter the lows in the negative 20s.

As bad as January seems, if the month had ended on Jan. 15, it would have only been the 41st worse since 1951.

December was the month worth complaining about. It was the third worst. November 2013 came in at 31st worst.

The three month span from November through January would be the 16th worst span — complainable, but not extraordinary. The worst such span in the past 63 years, old-timers will remember, was 1996-97.

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