Vote Tuesday for Gamradt

To the editor: 

As a new resident to the area, I’ve been interested in seeing what kind of candidates District 5 would put forth for the commissioner election. I like both our choices but decided that I will vote for Dave Gamradt.

As someone starting a family, and a new business, time is very important to me. I was happy to see that Dave has both a website and Facebook page. When we needed building permits, we often had to drive to St. Cloud to simply drop off or pick up forms that could have been emailed — if the option was allowed. Talking with Dave, it’s obvious that finding efficiency at the county level is a point of emphasis, and I can’t wait to see how we can better involve technology in county government.

Be sure to vote for Dave Gamradt on Jan. 28 at your local polling place.

Lucas Sjostrom, Brooten