America needs to wake up

To the editor: 

I am concerned about what the uninformed voter has done to this country by not knowing anything about the candidates’ background, where they stand on moral issues, honesty, fact and belief in God because without God a society cannot survive.

When campaigning, our so-called president was asked about his stand on abortion. He said,  he has two daughters and if one should make a mistake, he would not punish her with a baby.

Wake up, America.

When campaigning for the presidency, Romney was taken apart with a load of lies by Obama and his liberal henchmen. Romney did not respond because he would have been labeled a racist pig.

I believe Michele Bachmann would have thrown all his lies in his face. She was not afraid of him.

I don’t care what color a person is: white, blue, yellow, red or black. What matters is morality, faith, honesty, compassion for others and common sense.

I have come to know of a black man by the name of Ben Carson. He is a retired doctor. He is not a politician, but he will run if he gets enough support.

I have heard him speak, and he reminds me of Ronald Reagan with his moral values and belief in God.

The framers of the Constitution stated that God was the background for what they said and believed, but Obama and his cronies want to rebuild the Constitution as they say it is outdated. Someone needs to tell them that God will never be outdated.

This nation had better wake up and turn this country around.

Democrat Hillary Clinton will not do it, only carry on the disaster we now have.

We need a lot of prayers.

Elmer Maciejewski, Avon