Free lunch has got to stop

To the editor: 

The general public does not want to see anybody go hungry or not have a roof over their head, but after two years of drawing unemployment benefits, most people think that is long enough for people like George, a healthy 30-year-old. Obama believes he should be able to draw until his dream job comes along.

With the economy the way it is, George has been dealt a bad hand through no fault of his own, but at some time he should have to play it.

President Obama’s idea is to take from the successful people and redistribute to the less fortunate. One of the biggest problems this country has is over regulation. It is estimated the regulations for 2014 will cost over $140 billion. Obama is also forcing businesses with more than 50 employees to provide health insurance. With these mounting costs, businesses are looking at all their options.

1. Add the cost on to their services and products.

2. Make employees pick up some or all of the extra expense.

3. Drop coverage and elect to pay the fine.

4. Cut employees to under 30 hours per week.

With these bad policies, business people are reluctant to hire people who want full time and benefits.

To get George off of unemployment, what if we made George show up at a designated location and had to punch a clock in and out. It would not matter if he was late, left early or even skipped a day. However, for every hour he was short, $10 would come off of his check.

I’m sure there are a dozen reasons why this won’t work and is cruel and unreasonable. Sorry, but the free lunch has got to stop and you have to take on the responsiblity of paddling your own boat.

Gerald H. Funk, Long Prairie