Stearns urges Legislature to make transportation a priority

Sending a signal that the state can no longer afford to delay, Stearns County is one of more than 75 counties from across Minnesota that has passed a resolution to support a comprehensive transportation funding package in 2014.

“Investments in transportation build the infrastructure businesses need to locate and expand in our state to regions such as the St. Cloud area. A sustainable, multi-modal transportation system gives our residents more opportunity and access to jobs, education, health care, and other important destinations, ultimately fostering a better quality of life,” said DeWayne Mareck, Stearns County commissioner. “We need to address urgent transportation needs or Minnesota will lose its best talent, our businesses will experience higher costs, and we will fall further behind. Investing in transportation ensures Minnesota is a leader in job growth and economic development for years to come.”

In 2008, the state received an increase in transportation funding that helped fuel economic recovery. Today, funds are nearly exhausted. Minnesota will not have enough funding to maintain the current transportation system, or fund critical improvements or expansions, for the next 20 years.

By 2030, Minnesota is expected to add more than 350,000 new jobs and by 2040, the population is expected to grow by nearly 1 million people, causing demand for expansion of the transportation system to increase.