End the no-gun zone policy

To the editor: 

A person would think that a military base would be the safest place you could find. Yet in the last few years at Fort Hood a gunmen has shot up the place two times. So when are we going to admit this no gun zone policy does not work.

We have some of the best military personnel at our disposal and refuse to let them carry. Are we afraid that every chance they get they’re going to shoot the place up?

Thousands of police officers carry and it is  not a problem. Why do some of us think some of the best trained people in the world can’t handle these situations and make them wait 5-10 minutes for the MPs or police to get there?

There is no amount of screening or testing going to stop all of these killers, but it might be a deterrent if they knew what they were going up against. If it doesn’t stop any of them from trying, doesn’t it make sense for somebody to fight back immediately, rather then wait for help to arrive?

It should be up to the local people, not our federal government, to decide if we want qualified trained individuals to help protect the innocent in our schools, etc.

Take the non-gun zones signs down and let everybody know there will be immediate resistance to anyone that comes in shooting.

Let’s make this the first step to getting big government out of lives.

Gerald H. Funk, Long Prairie