Poor leadership hurts SC school

To the editor: 

The headline in the Sauk Centre Herald on April 10, 2014, read “School district looking at $300,000 in cuts”, so I ask myself, “Why are we here again, like every other budget year in the past?” Who is to blame?

Dan Brooks states in the Herald on April 10, 2014, “Our past school boards have spent dollars in the years we have generated them. We haven’t had a budget with a healthy carryover in a long time.”

Well, Mr. Brooks doesn’t seem to remember that he proposed funding the sports facility upgrade in January 2012. It was funded with $365,000 from the sale of the Central Learning Center Building, $170,000 from deferred maintenance fund, $450,000 from the operating capital budget, and $60,000 of maintenance dollars budgeted for 2012 and 2013, which adds up to over $1 million.

So, who’s to blame, the school board or Mr. Brooks? Maybe he and the school board are both guilty.

The money spent on the sports facility upgrade, which is used by an elite few, is now jeopardizing our students’ education with more teacher cuts, program cuts and larger class sizes.

The school board had a chance not to renew Brooks’ contract, but they did anyway. So, maybe it is time for the Sauk Centre community to step up and change the failed leadership that has been plaguing district 743 for years.

Tom Miller, West Union