Praise for DFL found humorous

To the editor: 

I just love it when people survive the winter with their sense of humor intact. A recent letter to the editor stated that “we should be able to trust that the information presented to us by an elected official is factual and not manipulated to meet a political purpose.”

That is really rich. Here we are, talking about career politicians and it expects honesty and no political purpose? Thanks for making me laugh.

Some of its other points leave me confused. It states that Rep. Mark Anderson, R-Lake Shore, says the bullying bill fails to require parental notification. He then says the state policy does not define this process. Isn’t that the same thing said differently?

It thanks the DFL Legislature and governor for their lead in overturning previous legislation regarding punitive (and very unpopular) business taxes, yet fails to mention that it was this same group that passed these taxes. I’m quite sure they had no political purpose involved in this at all. (Chuckle, chuckle.)

It says it’s an election year, and we should look to the DFL to provide tax relief and make “investments” that will keep moving Minnesota in the right direction.

I’m quite sure they will attach the tax relief bill to the voter photo identification bill (This, of course, would be championed by U.S. Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn.), the congressional term limit bill, the public pension overhaul bill and make investments in upgrades and construction of pipelines to bring cheap and abundant natural gas to all of Minnesota. (That’s a little belated April Fools Day humor right there, folks).

Tony Towle, Long Prairie