Shingles painful way to pass time

To the editor: 

Time sure flies as you get older. I’m quite sure that you have heard that saying before, most likely said it yourself, if you are over 50.

Now, I can suggest a sure fire way to slow down that “time flying” thing, at least temporarily. Shingles, If you have ever been afflicted with this dreaded curse, you know what I mean. Minutes stretch into hours, hours into days, days into.…

Shingles should be in the dictionary as a definition for nasty. The word “shingles” sounds nasty, they look really nasty, and they feel nastier yet.

I once heard a saying, “if you would like to make a year feel like an eternity, just move to Iowa. I would add, if you want to drag it out even longer, move to Iowa, with the shingles.

Shingles are painful. They hurt when you walk, they hurt when you don’t walk, they hurt when you talk, they hurt when you don’t talk, they hurt when you sneeze and they hurt when you don’t sneeze. In other words, they hurt all the time.

I mark every passing day off on the calendar, and believe me, it is an awfully long time between markings.

There is nothing remotely positive to be gained from the “shingles” experience, unless being able to stay awake to watch that 3 a.m. movie on TV could be considered a plus, being that you can’t sleep anyway.

To sum it up, do yourself a huge favor. If you haven’t gotten the vaccination, and are old enough to get the shingles vaccination, do it. Time may keep moving along at a fast clip, but you will enjoy it a heckuva lot more.

Just looked at the clock, 2:45 a.m. Sure wish that I could sleep.

Roger Majeski, Freeport