Wind-farm transmission line has diverse views

SteveNotch_WEBby Steve Notch
5th District Commissioner

Well the month of April is now behind us and it left us wondering if we were having a flashback to April 2013.  The moisture was much needed, even though it put our area farmers behind the 8 ball for getting started on field work and hauling out the fertilizer left by our farm animal friends.

April brought me to some interesting meetings and gave me opportunities to learn.  I started by attending the Belgrade City Council meeting with County Attorney, Janelle Kendall.  The city contracts with the county for attorney services when needed.

I attended both County Board meetings on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month.  I also attended the North Fork Watershed District meeting in Brooten and the Sauk River Watershed meeting in Sauk Centre to get a better understanding of their duties in regard to monitoring and protecting our area waters as well as maintaining the county ditch system.

I attended a Planning Commission meeting, which was interesting as it dealt with the transmission line for the two wind farms in western Stearns County.  I applaud both sides for attending and addressing their views, whether pro or con.

I also was deeply moved by how concerned both sides were for their neighborhoods and the fact that they did not want this to ruin neighborhood friendships.

The wind farms had previously been approved; this meeting dealt with the transmission line from the wind farms to the Xcel Energy substation in Grove Township.

I also visited with Mark Hauck from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) regarding the Bonanza Valley Groundwater Aquifer Advisory Committee.  I will have more on this as it develops over the summer.

I also attended the Stearns County Township Officers meeting in Freeport, Aunt Sara’s Party line on KASM and the Central MN Mental Health Board meeting.

Then the month was over.

Remember, “It matters not what we do for ourselves, but what we do for others that defines us.”

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