Dr. Ben Carson is our only chance

To the editor: 

I feel that there are a lot of like thinking people that see where our great country is headed.

Our constitution is being trashed by our dictator president. Our rights are being taken away. We are forced to buy insurance that we don’t want.

Our colleges are being run by liberal professors to fill the young people’s minds with mush. They don’t know how this country was founded or why.

They are told this country is bad, and we need to change. We all need to be made equal. I am all for helping people if they have bad luck and misfortune, and there is a lot of that.

We need to look for a leader that can try and change direction. It will not be easy. We are in a mess.

I know someone who is not a politician, he is a retired neurosurgeon. He has no party backing but will run if enough people want him to run.

I have filled a couple of packs of petitions for him and have given a little financial support.

He is Dr. Ben Carson, a black conservative. He reminds me of Ronald Reagan. His morals and religious values are alike.

I am asking you to learn about him, however, you can, maybe on the internet. I firmly believe he is our only chance.

Please check him out.

Elmer Maciejewski, Avon