Stop appeasing al-Qaeda terrorists

To the editor: 

Terrorism is a serious problem we all know. How we handle people who are involved in it is another thing.

Certain people seem to be treated much less severely than others.

Case in point, Star Tribune article buried in back pages, May 15, 2014. Here in Minneapolis a person is charged with supporting terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda and raising money for them then lying to investigators about it. Hussein was the persons name. Finally, a verdict is given: three years probation and community service. What?

Well now, isn’t that curious. Seems to me anyone else proven to do this would face much harsher punishment, you think?

I have a theory about this, proven all the time. Police, courts and politicians are scared of these people and want to appease them because they may get angry and destroy our way of life.

We must pay attention to this or they will hand it all over to them (officials running scared).

Kevin Hall, St. Anthony