Richmond man wins $60,640 jackpot

To say business owner Alvin Dingmann is a generous man is an understatement. The Richmond man won a $35,599 Northstar Cash jackpot in 2005. Instead of claiming the prize himself, he gave it to his then college-aged daughter, Stacy, to claim.

Nine years later luck struck again. This time, Dingmann was the one who drove to Lottery headquarters in Roseville with a $60,640 winning Northstar Cash ticket in hand. “This one’s mine,” he said with a laugh. “She’s not getting any of it.”

Stacy, who came along for the ride, said his gift allowed her to invest and pay off some college loans. Dingmann says he doesn’t have any “special plans” for his new winnings just yet.

Dingmann purchased his winning ticket at Southside Truckstop, Inc., a business he’s owned for 30 years. Southside Truckstop is located at 30 Fourth St. S.W. in Richmond.

Dingmann’s ticket was one of two winning tickets sold that split the Wednesday, June 4 $121,280 Northstar Cash jackpot to win $60,640. The second $60,640 prize has not yet been claimed.