Common Core is about money

To the editor: 

Common Core started in the Bush administration with the “No child left behind.” It is a set of standards that all schools must use on how to teach grade by grade without the consent of the parents.

Bill Gates is the big push behind Common Core. He was a huge donor to the Obama 2008 election. Obama returned the favor in the 2009 stimulus package, bribing states with billions of dollars to go along with Common Core.

Common Core is a 500 billion dollar business and the government and Bill Gates are the big benefactors. It’s obvious how Gates benefits with all the gadgets and computers being used. The government (both parties) benefit by collecting data through the kids. Through Common Core, 50 states have longitudinal data systems in place. It was created for roughly 400 data points covering religious affiliations, medical conditions, discipline problems. Do your parents vote? Are you Republican or Democrat?

Obama is an expert and is obsessed with collecting data. In the 2008 primaries, through data, he out maneuvered the Clinton machine by using this information to identify supporters and how to get them to the polls. Government people love Common Core because they want to know everything about you. They would have you believe it is all about the kids, but all they really want is your vote.

Common Core claims they need another trillion dollars to get the schools up to par. They don’t tell you over 80 percent of all the money goes to unions, administration, salaries, benefits, etc.

We spend more money on our school system than any other country, but when tested are in the bottom third. We should be embarrassed when a student of 12 years cannot do a simple math problem without a calculator.

Gerald Funk, Long Prairie