Leadership, ethics reach new lows

To the editor: 

It must be very difficult for members of our military to have any respect whatsoever for their commander-in-chief, especially those who captured or had brothers die, capturing the five terrorists our president recently set free.

How anyone could possibly trade two Attila the Huns and three Genghis Khans for one Jane Fonda, while our military is still on the battlefield disgusts me to no end. If that isn’t bad enough, Hillary goes on TV and says these five monsters are no threat to America. She says they’re a threat to Pakistan and Afghanistan.

This comes from Obamas’ former secretary of state and wannabe next president. Does one functioning brain or real person even exist in Washington, D.C., anymore?

Maybe we should trade our president, vice president, House and Senate majority and minority leaders and Speaker of the House for one person who has actually served America and this president. That would be Sgt. Tahmooressi, a marine who had all of his belongings, including firearms, in his vehicle, when he made a wrong turn and ended up in Mexico.

He called 911 from the border and told the Mexicans he had weapons and didn’t mean to come into Mexico. They refused to let him turn around and instead arrested him. That was over three months ago.

Our dear leader, in the meantime, has even talked to the Mexican president but refused to even ask about the sergeant, let alone demand his release. Is there any doubt we have reached all time lows in leadership and ethics?

Tony Towle, Long Prairie