Keep U.S. out of Middle East

To the editor: 

It was a sad day when President Bush gave us the wars in Iraq, and don’t forget the killing of our service members in Afghanistan also. It was a sad day when General Colin Powell ended up telling a big lie to the United Nations about the “weapons of mass destruction.” There weren’t any. Was it Donald Rumsfeld that bragged about the Iraq war being over in 10 days or so?

How did this tragic blunder ever happen? As many as 11 senators voted against attacking Iraq and 9/11 had no one from Iraq.

We still have the war lovers pushing for more war; it could be in Syria, Iran and troops to Pakistan so that we could have more sons, daughters, husbands and wives killed and have them flood the V.A. hospitals that have been starved for funds for the last 15 years or more.

Most families that have suffered a loss don’t want other families to suffer the loss and heart ache that they have to live with.

Roger Rimpy, Annandale