Beware of saboteurs

To the editor: 

I’m 86 years old; the wife is 82. I was 13 years old when the war broke out in 1941, and all during the war we heard on the radio about the threat of saboteurs entering our country and how they could hurt the Americans.

All the time, we see how fires in California could be the work of those that hate Americans. The people that are pouring into our country illegally, a great number of these could be from that Al Qaeda bunch, to do sabotage.

They could poison our water, create fires like in California. They too could pour over our borders and pick a certain day like 9/11 and do their hateful deeds.

So, I do believe we Americans have something to fear. Our government does absolutely nothing to correct and control this threat.

We wonder in 2016 if a champion, the person we need as president of the United States will appear, someone who has positive answers and will correct what is wrong in our country.

Many, many things are wrong and yet nothing is being done for the betterment of the people. We see the politicians cast their vote in the direction of the lobbyists that offer the most money.

If we could bring back some of those great ones from the past, like Ben Franklin, Tom Jefferson, all those great people we look up to, I wonder what their answers would be and what they would suggest.

James Robert Baller, Long Prairie