Todd needs to hold spending

To the editor: 

About March 22, an e-mail was sent to the Todd County Second District commissioner, who is also the chairman of the board.

The following concerns were addressed: Todd County has approximately a $1.2 million deficit plus budget shortfalls from previous years according to accountant Doug Host. What is being done to address these budget shortfalls?

Spending is excessive. The Board at one time had a policy to freeze hiring until budgets were under control. Why is this policy no longer being followed? Was the line held on salary negotiations without major increases?

Concerning outside legal counsel, the budget was set at $50,000. However, $66,553.38 has already been spent for the first six months of the year.

The county attorney is to provide legal counsel, the very reason for which he was elected.

An area of savings has been shown by the auditor-treasurer developing budget training. All elected officials and staff need to work together to maintain budget guidelines, thereby avoiding additional tax burdens to citizens.The citizens of Todd County need to be aware that the Board is considering a $40-$46 increase (15%) environmental fee plus tipping fee increase effective September 2014 at the transfer station. Also, a sales tax addition is being proposed for highway infrastructure. Will they also need to raise levies and property taxes to cover shortfalls in the current and future budgets?

It is important that you ask your Second District commissioner if there are solutions other than raising fees and taxes.

During a break at the July 8 work session, several county commissioners asked the citizens for ideas to control spending without raising taxes. The Second District commissioner, who is chairman would do well to take the same approach, meeting with his constituents to consider their concerns, giving time and consideration to those he represents.

Wayne Wendel, Eagle Bend