U.S. not ready for another Bush

To the editor: 

The George W. Bush plan for democracy in Iraq seems to be on schedule and having as much success as most all of his decisions.

Since another Bush may aspire to the office in the next presidential election, I’m going to editorialize about the last Bush to hold the office.

An insight into his character was evident long before the election when he used family influence to avoid going to Vietnam. He prefers conflicts where he is far from the fighting and can do the talking while others do the fighting.

His character also came to light in the manner in which he first obtained the (presidency). Convenient for Bush that the voting machines failed in the state of Florida where his brother was governor.

The news media then had quite a field day. Remember “Chicken Hawks, the Decade from Hell,” “The War That Would Pay For Itself,” (it didn’t), “The Economy is Basically Sound?” and lies about weapons of mass destruction (and) bad intelligence used as an excuse to start the war.

Starting a war that got 4,400 young Americans killed is the most hurtful act of his administration, but by no means the only harm he did. Consider ruining our image with the rest of the world.

His domestic policy was a disaster. He plunged the country into debt, financing the “War That Would Pay For Itself.” The Bush policies created the Great Recession which we still suffer from.

The only Bush fit to be president is George H. W. Bush. This Navy combat pilot and hero of World War II knew how to handle conflict in the Mideast and then get out. His successful presidency is a stark contrast to that of his son. This leaves real doubts about what Jeb Bush might do with the job.

Paul E. Tix, Avon