Selective amnesia needed in this vote for president

WestWordsWEBSelective amnesia. That’s what a person needs in order to drag themselves to the polls this November.

How else can a person justify voting for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

On the one hand, one needs to forget Clinton, even after many warnings, broke the law by sending state secrets back and forth on her unsecured personal computer.

And don’t remember Benghazi, after which she told the mom of one of those killed that the cause was an anti-Islamic video, even though she knew that it was an orchestrated terrorist attack.Then don’t think about the fact that the Clinton operation rigged the game otherwise known as the Democratic Party presidential nomination process.

Hillary, who had been all but coronated two years ago, knew that she needed some competition to get any media coverage while the Republican Gang of 16 was hogging the airwaves.

So the party rounded up a few politicos with no followings to challenge her. However, because Clinton couldn’t keep her distance from the Wall Street money traders, socialist Bernie Sanders, 74, came within an eyelash of beating her. He may even have done so if the game hadn’t been rigged from the get-go by DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Schultz is back working on the Clinton campaign after running a little money-laundering scheme through the DNC.

So that makes the Republican a shoo-in, right?

Not quite.

A person needs a lobotomy to accept Donald Trump as their commander in chief. First he knocks Sen. John McCain for becoming a POW and now he gives a Bronx cheer to the parents of U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan, who was killed in Iraq.

All this comes from someone who avoided the draft during the Vietnam years. Who wants to put their life on the line under that kind of commander?

Memory loss is also helpful regarding his comment that Trump University could not get a fair trial because the judge’s parents were immigrants. Never mind that the judge was born and raised in Indiana.

Amnesia also helps when it comes to Trump’s suggestion that Sen. Ted Cruz’ dad was a pal of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Never have Americans been given more compelling reasons not to vote for its presidential candidates. Only one reason exists — that each is not the other.