Democrats have selective outrage

To the editor:
A friend asks who even suggested to Rep. Ron Kresha that he should be wasting our tax dollars watching out for a foreign government.
I would suggest it was probably the same “who” that suggested Dayton and other governors take trade junkets to foreign governments, including Mexico, Japan, South Korea and even communist China. Could it also be the same “who” that suggested Dayton ban all non-essential travel to the states of Mississippi and North Carolina because he disagreed with their bathroom policies? (Why was there non-essential state travel there in the first place?).
Personally, I don’t have a problem with a bathroom law that says, if you sit down to do both jobs, you use one bathroom, if you stand to do one job and sit to do another, use the other bathroom. In other words, girls or boys, simple as that.
Why is this such a source of confusion and outrage for liberals? Were there problems with their basic toilet training?
Kresha has introduced legislation that would ban Minnesota businesses, who boycott Israel, from doing business with the state of Minnesota. Does this have anything to do with Minnesota’s trade agreements with Israel?
It doesn’t make any sense at all for a Minnesota company to be boycotting a foreign country, Israel or otherwise. If they don’t want to deal with them, just don’t, Why try to institute a boycott?
Due to selective outrage and boycotting seemingly being a strictly Democrat or liberal tactic, (tolerance and inclusiveness always being their main concern) I can’t help but wonder, just what is really going on here. Are a group of liberal owned businesses, for some reason, trying to undermine relations between Israel and the state of Minnesota?
I don’t think Rep. Kresha is just randomly trying to get this legislation passed.
Tony Towle
Long Prairie