God gave us a pause in downhill slide

To the editor:
Donald Trump was the only candidate from either party, who could or would have tried to change the direction of our government heading for the pit of no return. Other Republicans could have slowed the speed of destruction but would not have tried to change direction, regardless of their intentions.
Die-hard Democratic voters seem to be in a trance and could not see or understand the frustration that was boiling outside of their circles. The Democratic Platform is their mission statement and it supports much that is evil. Under a godly system, there is no such thing as “abortion rights” or recognized “homosexual marriage.” Since we have drifted from being a godly nation it has been accelerating all downhill.
There was much praying going on for God to have mercy and help us restore a once godly nation. In spite of all of Trump’s faults, it looks like God gave us a pause. He changed people’s hearts and they voted for an outsider.
Trump, of course, will be blamed if anything goes wrong. Prayer got us a reprieve, and along with national repentance (2 Chron 7:14), we have to continue praying.

Leo Heinze
Long Prairie