Renew support for crime victims

To the editor:
Every year, millions of people’s lives are forever changed by crime. They are our families, neighbors, friends, and colleagues. Crime victims often struggle to work, pay bills, or support their loved ones. Many have life-changing injuries and need long-term care and support.
April 2-8 was National Crime Victims’ Rights Week — a wonderful opportunity to renew our commitment to underserved crime victims, to create partnerships, and to enhance the services and offerings from local providers to ensure that all victims of crime receive the necessary support to address their victimization and begin the healing process on their terms.
This year’s theme, “Strength – Resilience – Justice,” emphasizes that everyone in the community is an integral part of creating safe, tolerant, and welcoming environments for all individuals regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, living and family situation, disability, immigration status, or anything else for that matter.
During this year’s National Crime Victims’ Right Week let us reaffirm our commitment to creating a victim service and criminal justice response that assists all victims of crime.
Let us also express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for those community members, victim service providers, and criminal justice professionals who are committed to improving this response so that all victims of crime may find the relevant assistance, support, justice, and peace they deserve. If you are a victim of crime, or would like additional information regarding victim rights, please contact Hands of Hope Resource Center at (320) 732-2319.

Barb Dinkel Goodrich,
General Crime Services Coordinator,
Hands of Hope Resource Center – Todd County