Dems, media poisoning U.S.

To the editor:

The Democrats and some media are poisoning this country.

They cannot face the fact that Hillary lost the election. We did not protest and raise hell when Obama was elected. Maybe we should have, especially the second time around.

The only politician that did was a Republican with backbone enough to do it — Michele Bachman, and she was right, but look what they did to her.

The rest of the Republicans were too lily livered to get behind her because he was part black and they did not want to be called racists. I don’t care what color he was, yellow, pink, blue or black. If he was taking this country apart piece by piece, he should have been stopped.

Look what he did to our lifelong traditions and look at what he made into law all by himself, disregarding our country’s Constitution. If this had happened 100 years ago, he could have been charged with treason.

Look at what he and Hillary have done to this country. They supported the Muslim Brotherhood leader in Egypt and fought to get him back when the Egyptians threw him out.

Now look what the Libs are doing to Trump with all kinds of false accusations and lies, working to impeach him when he is trying to straighten this country out. If they keep up with this dirt and nonsense, they are going to ignite a revolution in this country, God help us.

Elmer Maciejewski